Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Metallic Ladies

I was looking at headdresses (something I'm a big fan of) because I wanted to use my gold paint. I came across Cecil DeMille's Cleopatra, which got me thinking of the Liz Taylor Cleopatra, and then Aztec, Egyptain and Greek designs! There are so many possibilities for my gold paint!

I can't think of a woman who wouldn't want to wear this.

Scanned Image

tilted photo to show glimmer

I gave her shinny eye shadow too, couldn't resist 

After the headdress fun, I moved on to my next favorite thing, harem girls...

The epitome of Bored Girls

Shiny cuffs and chain top

 Thanks for looking! Click the link on the right under my photo to BUY artwork if your soul desires!


  1. they're bored alright. who wouldn't be. sheesh, what a job.
    love the gold gilded gals~

  2. Love your Art a Big Fan of yours!